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NCR holds official grand opening

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's been four months since the world's leading ATM manufacturer, NCR, announced it was moving its production facility to Columbus and Thursday the building opened to the public.

It has been an event 90 days in the making, and now the NCR plant is open to the public. The company had a very aggressive timeline of events to get this building in shape, and the hard work has paid off.

NCR's Vice-President of Manufacturing Rick Marquart told News Leader Nine, "Although it's only been three to five months since we started the project, it's been a tremendous effort by the city, the state, the NCR employees and the plant managers."

The overall message from NCR at the grand opening was how appreciative they are of all the help from the community.

"As we said before, the amount of activity to try and get done in 90 days was tremendous. With support from the Chamber of Commerce, QuickStart, the Department of Labor, all pulling together as a group, we were able to accomplish this," said Don Naciuk, the company's plant manager.

Those 90 days of work started with the complete remodeling of the old Mutec battery plant. Senior Vice-President of Manufacturing Peter Dorsman said, "As you can imagine, that's a very different environment than what you see here today where we are producing ATM's. The transformation was to take that plant and bring it into what we call a next in class facility. I use the term next in class because best in class is a parody of something else. This is beyond what others are doing."

The company has already hired 120 local people to work in the facility and they plan to increase that staff by the end of the year to kick off mass production.

"We wanted to make sure we could produce two self-service models by the end of the year. To be able to accomplish that we had to have this complete in 90 days," said Naciuk.

Marquart added, "Seeing workers come onboard and seeing product run off the line is very rewarding. From a manufacturing point of view this is a great day."

Officials tell News Leader Nine construction inside the facility is complete and ATM's have already been rolling off the lines. The only construction left for the property is the addition of another connector, so the machines can travel throughout the entire plant before being shipped off.

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