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Gas Prices on the Rise

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some say it's actually the optimism about the economy that's pushing gas prices to go back up.Others think it's the weakening of the dollar.

In the last two months oil prices have climbed to $17.00 a barrel, which means you're paying about $.40 extra a gallon.

This is causing people to prioritize the amount of time they spend on the road.

"It cuts out on all the little short trips. I'll run over here to the mall and come right back, you need to know where your going and how long you're going to stay," says JoAnne Howe.

Howe is absolutely right, having a route planned makes the most of your outing, and is the best way to save, "now I make a list when I come out the house, so I can go in the same direction."

Other ideas are to carpool or use city transit.

That does this mean for travel plans during the fast approaching holiday season?  We asked around, and people are having to change their plans.

"It's going to change a lot of things, you're going to have to hold some of your money for Christmas, and Thanksgiving is coming around. I hope the kids come to me instead," says Columbus resident Patricia VanBuren.

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