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Man beaten by group, police search for suspects

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Mims says it was Halloween night, while he was walking home when some youngsters where trick-or-treating for trouble.

"They could have killed me," said Benjamin Mims. "I saw a shadow behind me like somebody was running up behind me and my instinct told me to turn around."

He was walking down Forrest Avenue near 15th Street. "When I turned around, one of the guys shoved me and I got him off and I got into a position to defend myself," said Mims.

That's when Mims says he became outnumbered. He says 15 to 20 suspects surrounded him. "One of the other guys said you can't whoop all of us," he said.

"They charged me and hit me a couple of times and I broke loose and took off running. They chased me down to this condo and I fell in the grass," Mims recalls that's when the entire group attacked him on the ground -- he says he took the hits one by one.

"They started beating and kicking me and I was hollering for someone to call the police,"
A few minutes later, someone saw Mims lying on the ground. They helped him and called police.

Mim says his attackers should pay for what they did, " I hope the police catch them and they learn they're lesson. 

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