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The race is on for House Seat 129

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - News Leader Nine found out that although voter turn-out is low, all the candidates for House Seat 129 are optimistic for good results.

Only 7,000 Muscogee County residents were eligible to vote in the House Seat 129 election, and voting officials say only a small portion of those people are casting votes.

Muscogee County Elections Director Nancy Boren said, "One of our largest precincts, Wynnbrook, had 14 voters at 10 a.m., so it's a trend I think we'll see throughout the day, a very low turn-out."

Less than five percent of voters are expected to head out to the polls but candidates are still hopeful.

Candidate Steve Earles told News Leader Nine, "This is what our country is all about. I am very optimistic and I'm going around to different places and seeing how people are voting and I think the turn-out will be better than expected."

Candidate Kip Smith could not be reached for comment today. But others spent Election Day hitting the pavement.

Candidate Jerry Luquire said, "I'm making phone calls to people I know should be voting and may not. I'm going around seeing people I know should be voting and asking them to vote and if they're not in the district, that they have to make two phone calls to people in the district to off-set the one they didn't make."

The candidates we spoke with will be eagerly waiting for the election results to be announced tonight.

Candidate Earl Davis told News Leader Nine, "I'm hoping to get at least 65 percent of the votes, but I'll be happy with just about anything."

"I trust all the Christians and pro-lifers and other have gone out to support Jerry Luquire and if they have, we'll win," said Luquire.

Earles added, "The possibility of winning out right is there but the possibility of a run-off is also there and we're ready for it."

The districts for this election include Muscogee, Harris and Troup Counties.

If none of the four candidates receive more than fifty percent of the votes, a run-off will be held in about three weeks.

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