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Be There: Cooking with the kids

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Cannon family let News Leader Nine come into their home to see first hand how DaMonica Cannon is taking an everyday activity, like cooking dinner and turning it into a teachable moment for her two children.

For the past few years the Cannon family has learned to cook several dishes together. "Macaroni and cheese, string beans, sometimes we help with the main course like chicken or meat loaf. And sometimes we cook cake," said Columbus High School sophomore Chaz Cannon.

DaMonica taught her kids how to help out in the kitchen when they were around 12 years old, "They've always been interested in helping with family chores. Mainly it was to get them involved in the household so it wouldn't be just me doing everything. And when they grew up they can do things on their own independently."

"Know how to fix food and not have to depend on her so I can fend for myself when I get in the real world," added her daughter Chelsea Cannon, a sophomore at Carver High School.

Chaz was the first to take on the challenge, then Chelsea says she decided to pitch in as well, "They kept giving my brother all the credit about him cooking before me and I didn't want to be the only one not knowing what to do in the kitchen so I decided to go in and start cooking."

The twins say they understand these skills are teaching them life-long lessons.

Chaz told News Leader Nine, "It's teaching responsibility and how to follow instructions and also take instructions and follow rules."

"To know what's healthy for you. You can't always eat junk food," Chelsea added.

But the family also has fun while they work together.

"I think they feel like they're helping and a part of it. Then they can see the end result. So they don't feel like they have to do it, they want to do it," said DaMonica.

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