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Columbus car dealers profiting from positive news

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "We hear everyday from our customers, we'll have somebody come up and thank us for not taking any taxpayer money, any bailout money," says Rivertown Ford Manager Brad Williams.

So it seems not taking the government bailout has bailed out Ford.  Recent earnings mark the company's second consecutive quarterly profit.

Also, Consumer Reports just named Ford tops among American automakers in reliability ratings.

Williams says local dealers continue to profit from the company's positive news.

"After Cash for Clunkers we still had a high amount of foot traffic.  We still had a lot of people coming in wanting to look at product that we didn't have.  So last month we was able to restock and we had a very robust month, lot of foot traffic coming in, lot of sales."

Williams says both the Ford Focus and Fusion are hot sellers along with the newly redesigned and rereleased Ford Taurus.

He says it's a glimpse into Ford's Future.

"We've got cars that park theirself, massage your back when you're riding down the road, they're gonna have seat belts with air bags in them," adds Williams. 

Williams says the Taurus is an example of how Ford continued to spend money on research and development when other manufacturers scaled back.

He says in the long run, it should pay off for the company and the consumer.

"Talking long term, the two things, number one the customer's gonna be happier about the product, they're gonna enjoy it...and then you're also gonna see an increase in the resale value."

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