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Fort Benning soldiers react to Fort Hood tragedy

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Edward McFadden, Charles Nichols and Sean Clark all have something in common, a commitment to serve and to protect their country. 

Sergeant First Class Clark says he left Fort Hood two years ago before coming to Fort Benning.   He also says it's hard to understand why Nidal Malik Hasan would allegedly open fire on his fellow soldiers.  "I was shocked, surprised and worried. I have family at Ft. Hood and they all work on post," says Clark. Clark adds that he quickly called his loved ones after hearing the news Thursday and found that they were all safe.

Vietnam Veteran, Edward McFadden, says Hasan's alleged actions were shocking. "It's apparent that his loyalty was to the Taliban or Al-Qaida rather than to the US military," added McFadden.

Chris Nichols also served in Vietnam.  He says it's hard to understand what's going on in people's mind. "This gentlemen was about to go to Iraq and he was obviously frightened and scared," says Nichols.

Despite the rampage, the soldiers say they're not anymore or any less concerned about their safety as a result of the shootings at Fort Hood.

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