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The truth about Latisse

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Call it the newest hottest accessory to the stars. Hollywood is buzzing about Latisse- the treatment that promises to give you longer, fuller, darker eyelashes.

"I've always secretly wished to have longer, I want fuller, darker lashes- it's never enough. I talked to my doctor and I said please tell me that I can use Latisse," said actress Brooke Shields.

"It's all about lashes. They eyes are the window to the soul so I'm super excited about it. All I want is more lashes, absolutely," actress Angie Harmon said.

 "I'm kind of the quintessential woman and I've been waiting for something like this that is FDA approved," said Mandy Moore, an actress and singer.

 "I'm a big fan of eyelashes and I love big black lashes around the eye," actress Debi Mazar said.

And the craze is spreading fast. Local plastic surgeons can't keep it in stock. 

"It's flying off the shelves. Folks are asking me about it everywhere I go and folks are coming in to buy it," said Doctor Vincent Naman of Chattahoochee Plastic Surgery in Columbus.

"We run out before we know it. Then we have to get a list of everybody we have to call when it comes in. We've been in that predicament probably twice," added Angie Hunt with Jain Plastic Surgery in Columbus.

Applied once at night, the maker of Latisse, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, says users should start to see improvement in their lashes after two months.

"The way it works, it slows down the shedding process so you get more lashes present at the same time. That's what gives it that thicker, longer look," explained Doctor Naman.

 "They discovered it using glaucoma drops. The people that used those, a side effect was nice, long eyelashes after a while. It's nothing we've had before except eyelash extensions and they had their own problems. This is just growing your own eyelashes," Hunt said.

Some patients using Latisse say their lashes are growing so long, they're touching their eyeglasses. One person even had to have their lashes trimmed at their salon.

But they're not the only ones seeing drastic results.

Shana Helms has been using the solution for three months.

 "I noticed several weeks after starting to use the Latisse, that my lower lashes were getting longer and also my upper lashes were getting so long that after I put my mascara on, I'd actually get mascara up here under my eyebrows. You drop one drop on the applicator and you just brush it right along the base of the upper lashes as if you were putting on eyeliner," she said.

Debbie Jones has only been applying Latisse for six weeks and has already noticed a big difference in her lashes.

"I particularly like my lashes and in my overall look, I like my eyelashes and I wanted to see if it did what it said it would do which is to make them longer and more lashes and darker. I've seen more lashes. I've seen longer lashes," she said.

Out of everyone we spoke to, Jan Miller has been using Latisse the longest. Over four-and-a-half months, she says her lashes have been transformed. 

"I tell my friends if I could only have I beauty product, it would be mascara so I wanted to see if it would work. I had nice lashes but now they're completely different. They're great. They've gotten longer. They've gotten thicker and they've gotten darker. In fact, they're so long now that I have a hard time trying to get them in the eyelash curler," she revealed to Fox 54.

Potential side effects include darkening of the eyelid skin and increased brown pigmentation to the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent. But at both doctor's offices we spoke to, none of the Latisse users reported any serious adverse reactions.

"Itchy eyes and red eyes are the most common side effects. About four percent of the population will have that. A lot will get over it after they get used to using it," Hunt said.

And what happens if you stop using Latisse?

 "If you stop using it, you just go back to your old lash length where you started. It's no worse, no better unfortunately. You just go back to baseline," she added.

Dr. Naman and Dr. Jain charge around a $100 a bottle.

 "Each bottle lasts about a month so usually by the time you get into the second bottle, you start to see the effect. After two months, you can go on maintenance schedule which is variable for different people but you won't necessarily have to use it every night," Doctor Naman said.

The staff at both offices say insurance won't foot the bill since it's considered cosmetic but patients we interviewed say it's a small price to pay to get the look they've always wanted.

 "I know the economy right now is not good but I look at it like this- I can wear the same shoes I wore last season and buy the Latisse. Who's looking at your feet anyway? They're looking at your lashes. They're looking at your face," Miller said.



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