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The Real "Glee"

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Wednesday night you saw a brand new episode of the hit Fox show "Glee" and now we're going to give you an inside look at some real life glee clubs. Fox 54 found out how local choir students compare their lives to the singers in "Glee".

If you want to see some up and coming stars in the music world, look no further than our local schools. We caught up with choirs from eddy middle school and Northside high to see what its like to be part of "The Real Glee".

Northside High School chorus member Elizabeth White said, "I think a lot of people who aren't in chorus, they don't see all of what we do and maybe they don't appreciate us."

Now it's time for choir members to step into the spotlight with the recent popularity of the Fox hit show, Glee.

"It's great for us to have that kind of moment, because you don't find t.v. that has to deal with just regular, everyday chorus," said Eddy Middle School choir member Daivon Fowlkes.

Just like in the television show, these students have plenty to deal with in their everyday lives. But once they step into this classroom, all their differences are left behind.

Monique Smith teaches choir at Eddy Middle and she told Fox 54, "A lot of times being in chorus or another group, you're able to bring people who normally wouldn't be friends and come together and do something they all enjoy."

Northside High singer Sarah Hawk said a variety of people join chorus, "Cheerleaders, football players, band members, flag team members. Basically every club has someone represented in the chorus and it's a melting pot of different people with different talents."

"We're a group of kids that came together from different areas and we get along well," said Alina McDonald, an Eddy Middle School singer.

Since Glee started this fall, choir teachers have noticed their singers are starting to mimic the show's songs.

Rhonda Turner is the choral director at Northside High and says she’s seen a difference, "I turned it on and watched it and I was excited. They were making chorus look fun and not something we don't want to do."

"I do try to bring in a lot of stuff that the kids are singing in the hallways and bring stuff that is classical and non-classical together so they have a wide range of things to learn," said Smith.

Not only are the students performing their own versions of the show's classic songs, but they can relate to Glee's characters.

Northside Singer Colton McKay told Fox 54, "I think Mr. Schuster is my favorite character because no matter what's going on in his life he has a passion for what he's doing and he steps back to the choir."

Freshman chorus member, Devyn Seifert agreed, "I can definitely relate to Rachel because her whole life is chorus and that's what mine is."

"When watching the show I can relate to how he feels. Sometimes guys pick on him just because he sings and it's happened to me," added Christian Olivarez, who balances choir, football and other after school activities.

The rising stars say they love the show, but they realize it's just fiction. Seifert said, "We have their love and dedication for music but we don't have all the drama Glee involves."

"They dramatize it too much. Here we don't break out in dance, we study songs and sight reading, learning notes and measures and beats," said Raven Hilliard, a choir member at Eddy Middle School.

"We have to stick to doing it properly and correctly instead of creating all the drama, but we still have fun," added Turner.   

These kids may not be starting slushy fights in the hallways, or performing choreographed routines with strobe lights like on Glee, but they certainly are showing passion for what they do.

Turner told Fox 54 the show is having an impact on her students, "I think it's created excitement. When Colton came in and said let me play this for you, I thought it was exciting. When Christian said have you seen the show, it's exciting. I do think it helps encourage them to see they can be more."

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