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Where are the flu vaccines?

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Flu season is upon us, but finding a prevention for the virus is tricky to find.

"The walk-in clinics are getting it, and pharmacies are getting it, why can't we get it? I don't know, because we know who's at risk and I follow the guidelines," said Pediatrician Dr. Richard Mansfield.

Dr. Mansfield says his patients are in the target group for getting the H1N1 vaccine, but he can't give it to them, "Currently we have no vaccines. We requested H1N1 from the Health Department -- our local supplier for the H1N1 vaccine -- but unfortunately they are out and haven't been able to get any."

Pam Fair with the West Central Georgia Health District tells News Leader Nine, offices that requested more than 100 doses ordered straight from a vaccine provider, "Physician offices and private providers that were requesting less than 100 doses of the H1N1 vaccine have the opportunity to work through the Health Department to receive their doses."

The Health Department has doses of H1N1, but they have completely run out of the seasonal flu shots. Fair tells us there is just not enough supply to fit the demand. "We have 16 county Health Departments in this health district. We had to disperse those out. Hopefully we'll receive some in soon but at this point we're just waiting," said Fair. And so are doctors all over the area. Mansfield added, "It's frustrating because I don't know when I'm getting any so folks are asking 'when can I get the flu vaccine?' and I'm tossing my hands in the air saying 'I wish I knew'."

Many doctors who have no yet received vaccines, or who have run out, are recommending their patients visit the Health Department or a local pharmacy to get the shots. Once H1N1 and seasonal vaccines become available, health care physicians will let their patients know.

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