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Party Planning Websites

'Tis the season for some good ole fun and quality time with friends and family. And, whether your planning a small or large holiday celebration, many websites are providing quick and easy ideas on everything from managing an invitation list to setting up the dinner table.

For general party advice, head on over to's entertaining section. There you'll find party decorating tips and even videos on how to throw a great party. offers several holiday theme based games, like hot potato or candy corn bingo --perfect for that Thanksgiving bash.

Click around the site, and you'll also find a guide to party etiquette -- like what's the perfect way to say goodbye to a guest, or how about step-by-step instructions on mixing those perfect cocktails.

Digg deeper and you'll notice the sites community -- a perfect place to share ideas with others. When it comes to those invitations, save on stamps, paper, and envelopes, and go digital. touts itself as the leading online invitation and social planning website with more than 22 million registered users.

Simply pick an electronic card design, enter your party's title, your contact information and message, and begin adding guests. Once you're done, the site will then track who is coming.

You can also gather extra information by adding polls. And, no party is complete without music. Instead of gaining the reputation for being the worst dj, let your guests set the playlist.

Flavor Tunes lets you build a jukebox with your guest's song requests. Simply send out a request, they'll add their songs, you'll finalize the list, then play the songs via your computer


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