Columbus attorney remarks on Shelnutt verdict

By Chauncy Glover - bio | email | Twitter 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The judges words in verbatim, "Mr. Shelnutt you are finally free to go.""I'm just of course overwhelmed and happy of course," says Shelnutt.

"I think the bottom line was they couldn't show anything to the jury that showed, Mark had done nothing more than receive drug money and that was not a violation of the law."

That's what Columbus attorney Frank Martin had to say about Shelnutt's not guilty verdict.

He says if the truth be told, most lawyers as some point or another has received drug money.

Shelnutt was accused of collecting drug money for legal fees and trying to conceal them.

But now that the court battle is over, Martin says Shelnutt has another battle to fight, clearing his reputation.

"If a drug dealer got sick and had to go to a hospital and needed a doctor, he would pay the hospital bill with drug money and no one considers that illegal," says Martin.

"There's obviously a cloud over someone's head that has been accused and charged with these things and gone through a trial and found not guilty. It takes a lot of time to rebuild trust and I think it will be difficult. If he comes back to work as a lawyer, I think he has to be diligent in his work and maybe charge smaller fees, I think he can redeem himself," says Shelnutt.

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