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Attorney files lawsuit against local newspaper

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An article published in The Courier Eco Latino newspaper dated March 12, 2009 is now the center of controversy. 

Owner Wane Hailes and writer Carl Hardmon a.k.a “Brother Love” are now defendants in a lawsuit for comments the plaintiff Attorney Frank Myers says are libel.

Brother Love writes, “Jim Wetherington is more a God Father dictating things than a mayor helping to govern.  Frank Myers is both mob consigliore and Under Boss for Wetherington.”

In October, Myers filed a civil action lawsuit in Muscogee County Superior Court alleging the defendants made a false and defamatory statement indicating Myers is a member of the mafia.

“I thought it was frivolous and an attempt to silence the black and hispanic press.  We welcome the opportunity to go to trial,” says Hailes.   Hailes and his co-counsel Shevon Thomas answered to the allegations during a press conference Thursday. “We will file a motion to dismiss and if that doesn’t work we are prepared to go to trial,” says Thomas.

Meyer’s would not comment on camera.  His attorney released this statement, “We intend to litigate this case inside the courtroom and not outside the courthouse,” says Sam Merritt.

In the lawsuit, Myers claims the libel statements have injured his reputation as a lawyer and successful consultant and exposed him to public contempt.  The plaintiffs are seeking damages to be determined by the jury.

No word yet on a trial date.

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