Graphic Testimony in Trial of Barry Lee Jones

LEE COUNTY, AL (WXTX) - Wednesday, testimony began in the capitol murder trial of Barry Lee Jones. Jones is accused of raping and murdering his 7-month-old son in December of 2007.

Dr. John McFarland took the stand early Wednesday morning and temporarily lost his composure when asked to look at pictures showing the injuries 7-month-old Kevin Jones suffered on or around December 11th, 2007.

The East Alabama ER Doctor, wiped his tears and apologized. "I'm sorry for my emotional outburst. I forgot how upsetting it was to see those injuries," the doctor explained to the jury.

McFarland testified the babies injuries were consistent with repeated sexual trauma. He also stated, the baby's lung had collapsed and several ribs were broken when the baby was brought to the hospital, unresponsive.

A nurse testified the babies lips were already blue when the defendant brought him to the emergency room. The cause of death was blunt force trauma. The prosecution says the baby was killed and sexually assaulted by his father, 20-year-old Barry Lee Jones.

"We were horrified to see the bruises on that baby," McFarland stated.

Dr. McFarland said when he told the mother her son had died, he found the babies half-sister vomiting blood. The three-year-old was rushed to surgery, with life threatening injuries. She survived.

"I heard her say daddy hit me with Kevin. Daddy hit me with Kevin," McFarland testified.

The prosecution has indicated Jones used his son's body as weapon to beat his half-sister.

McFarland testified Jones seemed unaffected by the death of his son, and when the doctor asked him what happened, he claimed someone knocked him out and injured the children. Jones gave the same explanation to Opelika police. Dr. McFarland testified he examined Barry Lee Jones, but found no injuries.

"There were no signs of trauma," he said.

The district attorney's office did try to get the now five year old half sister to testify. However, she seemed scared and nervous. She was excused before she could be questioned in front of the jury.We understand the prosecution may try and call her later.

Testimony will resume Thursday.