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Watch out for recalled cribs at consignment shops

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's one of the largest crib recalls in history.  More than 2 million Stork Craft Drop Side Cribs were recalled Monday.  A problem with plastic parts could cause the drop side to detach, creating a space where children could suffocate. 

The cribs were sold at major retailers like Wal Mart, Target and Babies R Us.  In addition, many baby items like cribs are sold at consignment shops.

So if you're shopping second hand, how do you know the product is safe?

Workers at Mickayla's place, a children's consignment shop in Columbus, say they follow specific guidelines when it comes to recalled products.

"If it can be fixed, we'll hold it in the back and contact the manufacturer and get the pieces for it and fix it and set it out on the floor for sale, but if there's no fix, we just can't buy it," explains Mickayla's Place Store Manager Amber Crenshaw.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is illegal to sell a recalled product, unless there is a repair kit offered for a fix.

Crenshaw says they look over a product before accepting it, then check online and go through a book they keep filed with recalled items.

Some stores may follow those rules, but when buying second hand, how can consumers be sure it's safe?

One way is to check for pertinent information, located in specific spots on the crib.

The manufacturer's name should be located on the board beneath the mattress, and in some cases on a label beneath the crib.

If you can't find any of the information and have no idea whether the item has been recalled or not, the best advice to follow...

"Just to be careful," says Crenshaw.

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