Bittersweet Thanksgiving for 3rd Brigade families

by Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The tables are turned this year for the Hamilton household.

Last year, Staff Sergeant Shanequa Hamilton was in Iraq. This Thanksgiving, she's home and longs for her husband, 3rd Brigade soldier, Terriance Hamilton. He's in the Middle East.

"Last night he called and it was Thanksgiving for him. So, he called to say I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless you. Can you send me a plate?" says Hamilton.

Little 5-year-old Miracle Hamilton is happy to have her mom home, but says, "It's sad because I miss my dad," says Miracle.

Hamilton is surrounded by her daughters and even though dad is not home this year, they're still serving up the traditional Thanksgiving Meal.  "Sahqaunda and Ammonie did the collard greens, Gabriella got the pots out for me and Miracle helped with pies. It's so awesome to have the all help out," says Hamilton.

"It's good now we get to have our mom's cooking instead of somebody else's," says 10 year old Gabriella.

Even though there's an empty chair at the Hamilton's table this Thanksgiving, Mrs. Hamilton says she still has a lot be thankful for. She is sharing this holiday with other soldiers and her four girls.

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