Ronald McDonald Statue Stolen

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  A piece of cardboard marks the spot where a life size Ronald McDonald statue used to sit on a bench inside the Manchester Expressway McDonald's.

Columbus Police say the restaurant's mascot was taken on Thanksgiving or early Friday morning.

The McDonald's manager tells police, someone cut the chain to the gate on their playground and stole the man in red and yellow from his perch.

All day Friday, patrol officers were told to be on the lookout for the famous character.

"I think it's a prank. I think it's childish. I don't know why somebody would want to steal that. It's just silly. Probably somebody bored- it has to be," said Octavious Tolbert, a passerby.

The heist raises a lot of questions- like how did someone get away with a seemingly heavy, secured statue AND not be seen from the busy street? And what would someone want with Ronald McDonald, aside from a burger and fries?

For now, those questions are unanswered but one thing's clear- a place where children go to play is now the scene of a crime.

The staff at McDonald's directed us to their parent company, Pezold Management, who was not available for comment Friday.

In the meantime, police are shifting through surveillance footage, trying to find Ronald and who kidnapped him.