Mixed emotions as residents prepare for Obama's speech

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - President Barack Obama plans to address the nation in what some are saying is the most important speech of his career. The main topic is sending tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan.

Courtney Price told News Leader Nine, "He wants to send 34,000 over there and my husband is in the military and I don't disagree with it."

Some residents fully support the idea of more troops deploying.

"I think it's a great idea. I feel how he feels about the situation -- that we're over there wasting time and not getting the job done," said Price.

Monica Saucier agreed, "I'm totally in support of our troops and whatever President Obama feels is necessary for us and our security and to assist Afghanistan then I feel like we should do it."

And some are on the fence about the plan. Kendrick Johnson said, "I have mixed feelings because sending them over there could help but I feel like he should train their troops and get more of their troops instead of sending our troops over there."

"I have no say because I really don't know the government myself but the way I see it is -- that's the world and that's how it's going to go," Stephen Reese told News Leader Nine.

Although they understand the importance of the issue overseas, there are other things the people we spoke to would like to hear the President address.

Saucier said, "Healthcare, which I think is very important right now and hopefully he'll address the economy somewhat."

"The healthcare bill. I think he should go over that in more detail tonight and really explain it," added Johnson.

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