Columbus: Penalties for delinquent property taxes

by Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The lines at the Muscogee County Tax Assessors office stayed steady for most of the day Tuesday. 

If you didn't make the property tax deadline, you will pay a one-time 10% penalty. 

After December 20th, a one percent tax will be added per month to your bill.  The next step is a tax lien levied by Muscogee County and then a tax sale on the courthouse steps to try to collect the funds from a potential buyer.

News Leader Nine caught up with an angry taxpayer who paid his taxes Tuesday, but feels he's is paying too much.  James Carey lives in the Midland Chase Subdivision off Warm Springs Road. Carey says his property value has decreased due to foreclosures and therefore feels the city should lower his taxes as well.

"I think it's a case where they don't want to correct it because they need the revenues so it's easy to overlook meanwhile, we the taxpayers are the ones that have to foot the bill," says Carey.

Homeowners in Muscogee County pay taxes based on 40% of their appraised value.  Tax Assessor Lula Huff was not available for comment on whether Carey's claim is accurate.

Sources at the Tax Assessors Office say the next tax sale for delinquent property taxes is the first Tuesday in February on the courthouse steps.

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