Chambers Co. deputies add dash cams to their arsenal

By Elizabeth White - bio | email | Twitter

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A $25,000 grant is making it possible for all Chambers County deputies to have two additional weapons in their fight against crime, video and audio. 

As soon as a Chambers County deputy flips on their blue lights, the dash cam starts recording.

The grant enabled the sheriff's office to purchase four new dash cameras. This means all of their patrol units are now equipped with the technology.

Sheriff Sid Lockhart said video, along with the audio recordings, are crucial evidence when proving a case in court.  He said the dash cam is the most reliable witness to a particular incident.

"Videos don't lie and we were glad we were able to get this grant," Sheriff Sid Lockhart said.

Just as important as the video is the audio. Every word said by the deputy is recorded and the microphones are so clear, most everything the person the deputy is speaking with is also recorded.

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