Lee Co. Sheriff's ship handcuffs to Iraq

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OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Imagine trying to teach without a chalk board or write without a pen. That's the situation Captain J.M. Phillips found himself in while trying to train Iraqi police officers, without handcuffs.

That's when the Opelika native turned to his former co-workers at the Lee County sheriff's office for help.

More than 50 pairs of handcuffs are being packed up by Sheriff Jay Jones and Major Tommy Carter.

The special delivery is being shipped to Captain Phillips, a former deputy, who's now serving in Iraq.

"He's with the 1st battalion 23rd Infantry Regiment and his union is involved in training Iraqi police in police operations," explained Sheriff Jay Jones.

But Captain Phillips was trying to train without a key piece of equipment, handcuffs. So, Phillips contacted his old co-workers at Lee County, through Facebook, for help.

"It came about as on off the cuff remark about, it'd be nice to have handcuffs to help in the training here in our mission and we talked about it and it was a no-brainer. We said let's see if we can get some together and ship them to him and here we go," said Jones.

Deputies donated their own money and Sheriff Jones secured additional funding to come up with the $1000 needed to buy the cuffs.

"We are given to understand that handcuffs are not a critical component in the theater of war, so if its something we can help with and provide to him that he is unable to obtain himself and it's going to help him with is mission that's what we are going to do," said the Sheriff.

Captain Phillips should receive the two boxes of handcuffs in two weeks.

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