Pit bull attack caught on tape

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A simple trip to the mailbox turned downright dangerous for one Columbus man after officials say he was mauled by his neighbor's dogs.

Seventy-year-old Jesse Johnson was going to get his mail when Columbus officials say he was attacked and mauled by two adult pit bulls.

It happened Monday afternoon at Johnson's house on Kolb Avenue near Columbus Technical College.

A postal worker delivering mail in the area saw the attack and stopped to help. She tried pepper spraying the dogs and her screams got the attention of workers at a rock business across the street.

"She was screaming and waving her hands and so we ran over and saw the pit bulls attacking the man and we couldn't get them off of him so we grabbed trash cans and even drove a tractor over there and the loud noise of the tractor scared the dogs off," said Jeremy Brazier, owner of The Rock Shop.

Brazier's surveillance cameras caught the whole thing- you can see one dog circle the hedge and attack. Seconds later, you can also see Johnson collapse.

The rescuers say he was missing toes and teeth after the attack and was bleeding from his head and legs.

The dogs were captured at the scene and are now in the custody of Animal Control.

"They were vicious dogs. If we hadn't gotten there, if definitely would have been worse than it was. We weren't thinking. We were just trying to get the dogs off him and help him," Brazier added.

It's the second pit bull attack in the city in the past month. A 12-year-old girl suffered severe head injures after police say she was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull on Celia Drive.

"That's unusual. We haven't had attacks of this severity to my knowledge. It just leads me to believe that people are becoming careless with their animals. They need to keep their animals under their control, on their property and secured at all times," said Drale Short, Chief of Special Enforcement for Columbus Animal Control.

Jesse Johnson is listed in satisfactory condition at the Columbus Regional Medical Center.

Animal Control officials say Johnson wants to press charges and the owners of the dogs will be cited for the attack and for their animals being unattended.

Both dogs were captured and Short says they have been classified as dangerous.

Short also tells WTVM the owners will have to meet very strict city guidelines if they want to keep their pets.

If not, the animals will be put to sleep.

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