Columbus man newest Krystal Hall of Fame Inductee

COLUMBUS, GA  (WTVM) - Normally, you have to nominate yourself to be inducted in to the Krystal Hall of Fame...but that's not the case for Columbus native Charlie Capps. Capps retired in June, after working 48 years for the restaurant chain.  Today, at a ceremony at the Krystal restaurant on Manchester Expressway in Columbus, Capps was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Krystal Marketing Promotions Manager Kenny Hammontree says "Mr. Capps is the pure Krystals lover, he is someone who loves the brand and wants to celebrate the brand. He embodies what krystal employees should strive for, which is serving customers the best can."

His former coworkers agree.  According to the General Manager of the store, "anytime you needed him, he was there. Any problems you had he was there to help you, fantastic man."

Capps says "it's heart felt, and I certainly appreciate it. Everybody claims they sell hamburgers, but we're in the people business, it's the people that make us."

His daugher plans to keep several of the boxes featuring Capps, along with other memorabilia the restaurant has given out over the years.