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Carlton Gary's family speaks

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Columbus Police Chief Rickey Boren, Mayor Jim Wetherington and family members of the women murdered during the 80s left Columbus this morning for Atlanta.  They testified before the Clemency Board about Carlton Gary's guilt as the "Stocking Strangler." 

Gary's wife Debra and daughter also testified, but with a different message. "This never should have happened. If the state would have given over the evidence when we asked for it years and years, they told us it was destroyed, we don't have it, it's lost, we wouldn't be at this point," says Gary.

Mrs. Gary says she told the Clemency Board to let the evidence speak for itself. "They had a shoe print that did not match, they had at least 50 other suspects that things did match, more than one and they did not pursue it; so we put together an evidence package, "explained Gary.

She also offered this reason as to why she feels her husband was not convicted on 4 of the 7 murders. "They were saying that whoever did one, did all, hint, serial killer.  He was convicted of some and others they didn't because he wasn't in Columbus at the time.  If you're a serial killer, to our understanding you do them all," added Gary.

Gary's adopted daughter says she met her dad when she was 6 years old also told the Clemency Board about evidence she feels should clear her dad. "The DNA aspects, semen and saliva, these things conflict with what the state says they found.

The Parole Board says a decision is expected Tuesday.

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