Heavy Rains in Americus drive woman from her home

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Mary Mills was the only resident in the Easter Morning Subdivision to evacuate Monday night in Americus.   She says when she looked out the door; she knew she had to get out. "All I could see was waster, I couldn't see the grass, and I couldn't see the mailbox. It's just hard to explain," says Mills.

You can see just how high the water level got by looking at the debris left on her mailbox.  Water was also half-way her car door.  She took a bus sent by the city, while her neighbors waited out the storm. "I was so scared because I can't swim. I felt like I was drowning," added Mills.

Across town, city crews worked to close off South Georgia Parks Lamar and McMath Mill Roads. Water from Wolf Creek climbed to about four feet above the road before receding, according to deputies.

"We're maintaining the lakes and ponds making sure they do not overflow, we don't see any threats at this time," says Chief Deputy Eric Bryant.

Bryant also says Sumter County should have its county-wide siren system by next year.

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