Lanett Homeowners Fed Up With Flooding

LANETT, AL (WXTX) - A group of fed up Lanett homeowners say they are about to sue the city. The homeowners say every time it rains, their yards and sometimes homes are flooded with water. They say the cities inadequate drainage and sewer pipes are to blame.

Several neighbors who live near South 9th street in Lanett, say every time it rains, even just a small amount, it creates a massive river that flows through their yards and homes.

"My neighbor had to get my dogs out of my back yard cause they were swimming the water was so high," said Grace Deloach.

Willis Pinkard says his front yards resembles a swimming pool when it rains.

"It just floods my yard its awful I can't get in the house through the front door I have to go in the back. It hasn't gotten into my house yet," Pinkard said.

The water has flooded some of his neighbors homes. Homeowners say the problem begins when rain swells the creek in Pinkard's yard. They say city drainage pipes can't handle the flow of water, so it backs up.

"It does not have pipe big enough under the road to take in the water so when it rains it comes over the road right down in between the houses and into the houses if it gets that high, explained Deloach.

Pinkard says he's gone to the mayor and city council numerous times. He says the cities engineer told him it'll cost more than $300,000 to fix the pipes to reroute the water and the city just doesn't have the money. That's why Pinkard's says his next step will be speaking to an attorney.

"I'm fed up and I'm mad. I want the city to know this isn't the last of it, it ain't over," he said.

We stopped by the Lanett mayors office Thursday morning and we were told he would not be in until the afternoon. We left a message but have not received a call back.