This year's hot Christmas toys

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With only eight shopping days left before Christmas, many parents are racing to nearby malls and stores trying to find this year's hot items.

News Leader Nine did a little research to see what those hot toy items are this year, and surprisingly they include rubber bands, robot animals and a new-age scooter.

"All our toys are doing fairly well this year," said K-Mart Manager Patty Deel. But of course, she says some are selling a little better than others this holiday season, "Zhu Zhu Toys, but their mainly on eBay. Not a lot of retailers have them this year so it's a hot item you'll have to get online and search for."

You may be thinking, what in the world is a Zhu Zhu pet. Well so were we, and owner of the Main Street Toy Store, Gladys Griffin filled us in, "it's a battery operated hamster, some call it a robot hamster, and it has a ball and a habitat."

Another hot toy is the Ezy Roller, which is basically a lazy scooter. News Leader Nine also learned the Mind-Flex game is very difficult to come by. It's flying off the shelves, priced at nearly $200.

The best stocking stuffer under five bucks this year is a silly band.... And a lot of people agree it's a silly gift.

"You lay it down on the table and it's an animal or a train or a truck. The kids wear them up their arms, sometimes 15 to 20 at a time. They trade them and collect them," Griffin said.

That's right, it's just a rubber band, but the collection comes in several different shapes and Griffin says they are hard to come by, "They've been on backorder for two months and in the past two days I have sold maybe two whole boxes."

Toy shopper Joanne Gristina added, "At one point Columbus was completely sold out of them and that was terrible. But I carry them in my purse. When I see them I buy a couple packs because they are great for birthdays, my kids are crazy about them and they're great stocking stuffers."

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