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Be There: Family Banking

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "Be There" is all about parents teaching their children about every day activities. News Leader Nine caught up with one family who is taking their lesson to the bank.

Kids frequently ask their parents for money but don't always understand how it's earned. One family from Spencer High School shows us how the kids curiosity about the bank helped him get a savings account.

Spencer High School freshman Andre Carter told News Leader Nine, "She showed me how to deposit checks, how to cash them out and things of that nature as far as withdraws and deposits."

Elaine Carter, Andre's mother, says once she opened a new savings account, her son Andre decided he wanted in on the action, too, "The following month I took Andre to the bank with me and we sat down and opened a savings account in his name."

Instead of opening the account and letting him figure it out for himself, Elaine sat down with Andre and taught him how the banking system works.

"Things aren't always as simple as they seem. Something as little as writing a check, it sounds simple but there is a process to everything," said Andre.

Elaine added, "I did teach him that there was a process and you can write a check today but it actually doesn't clear until a week later."

Elaine said Andre's responsibility with the account really surprised her, "He thinks about the things he spends his money on and he wants to save more than he actually spends because he's thinking about the future and the things he needs later on in life."

Andre says he has a good idea about his things work with his account, but he's not afraid to ask his mom for help, "Because we're still kids. We need guidance. Sometimes we may feel independent but we always need guidelines to live our lives by and grow."

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