Insurance Premium Hike for Lee County, GA residents

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An increase of 2.9% in nationwide insurance premiums means a hike in premiums for Lee County, GA employees.

Commissioners considered a recommendation to increase and approved it.

They'll stay with the same provider.

A single person's premium will increase $22.00.  Families will see a $43.00 increase.

It's the first hike in 4 years; Commissioners say it's still a good deal.

"This is still a cadillac plan, if you want to callCadillac, with a very low premium, and we have one of the best plans in the state of Georgia, " Commissioner Ed Duffy

The Commission also agreed to use $3,100 to help supplement the purchase of two new Ford F150's for the Sheriff's Office.

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