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Alabama Toll Road, Bridge & Tunnel Authority has first meeting

Press Release

MONTGOMERY, AL – State leaders including Governor Bob Riley, House Speaker Seth Hammett, State Rep. John Knight and Alabama Department of Transportation officials gathered today for the first ever meeting of the Alabama Toll Road, Bridge & Tunnel Authority. The Authority was created by a new law passed by the Legislature in 2008 in order to allow the state to pursue alternative funding solutions for transportation projects throughout the state.

Governor Riley said the state has long needed the ability explore the possibilities of toll roads to improve infrastructure in Alabama.

"Alabama has come a long way toward improving our infrastructure and modernizing our highway system," Governor Riley said. "Moving forward, we need to be able to pursue alternative ways to fund road projects. In some cases, a toll could pay for a needed road project that couldn't otherwise be funded."

During the meeting, the Authority approved several motions that will allow ALDOT and the Alabama Department of Finance to evaluate the feasibility of the construction and operation of an elevated expressway for U.S. Highway 280 in Birmingham.

Speaker Hammett said the U.S. Highway 280 project is a great example of how tolls can give the state more funding options for badly-needed road projects.

"This is the type of project we had in mind when we asked members of the House and Senate to adopt this public-private partnership legislation," Hammett said.

Governor Riley thanked Speaker Hammett for making alternative funding for highways a priority.

"Without the Speaker, I'm not too sure this authority would exist," Governor Riley said.

Source: Governor's Press Office


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