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Less than one day of blood supply on hand

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Nusara Loughman never misses a beat. She rolls up her sleeves every 56 days to give the gift of life.

Loughman became emotional as she explained how passionate she is about donating blood.  "I'm very happy to do this, every time I do it, I'm happy. I want everyone else to do the same to help someone out," says Loughman.

Unfortunately, there are not enough people who feel as strongly as Loughman when it comes to donating blood. "People get busy, preoccupied with either the kids being out of school, family coming in from out of town, going out of town, visiting for the holidays; it's not on their priority list to come and donate.

Joanna Brunson, who happens to be an O- (O Negative), universal donor, doesn't fall in that category. "No family problem or anything, it's the right thing to do, doesn't take very long, they make it convenient," says Brunson.

Frost, a blood donor recruiter, knows firsthand the importance of giving blood.  When her 15 year old son was born, he needed O-. "So, it does hit home for me, that's something I would not want other parents to go through, that's the last thing family should worry about," says Frost.

The Red Cross Blood Donor Center will be open New Year's Eve and New Year's Day from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

During critical times, the Red Cross provides monthly giveaways as incentives to give blood.  Now through the end of the year, donors will receive a red aluminum water bottle.  Beginning in January, you can enter a regional drawing for two free Delta Airline tickets.

Blood Drive
American Red Cross
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Additional Info:
Shelf life:
42 days
Patients who need red cells:
trauma or surgery patients
Best blood type to donate:
O +, O -, B-, A-
Estimated donation time:
1 hour and 15 minutes
How often you can donate:
every 112 days, 3 times a year
To be eligible you must:


  • be at least 17 years old
  • be at least 5'1"
  • weigh at least 130 lbs.
  • have a hemoglobin of at least 13.3 gm/dl


  • be at least 17 years old
  • be at least 5'5"
  • weigh at least 150 lbs.
  • have a hemoglobin of at least 13.3 gm/dl

    Click here to learn more about your blood type.

                                           Source: American Red Cross

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