2009 Unsolved Murders

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  It has been a busy year for the Columbus Police Department.

There have been 12 murders in the city in 2009 and now, only two cases are unsolved.

Officers are revealing where those investigations stand.

The first is that of 19-year-old Victor Barnes.

The teen was shot three times in the chest and stomach back in January at a home on 10th Street during what police say was an apparent shootout.

His murder was the first of the year.

Detectives are still working the case but have yet to make any arrests. They say they can place certain people at the scene but are still working on identifying whoever fired the fatal shots.

"There's a possibility there might be multiple suspects involved. We're going to continue the investigation to try to determine who actually caused his death," said Captain Gordon Griswould, with the Columbus Police Department's Robbery and Assault Division.

Questions also continue to swirl around the murder of 47-year-old Lisa Taylor.

A patrol officer found her body in a car on Riverside Avenue in November.

The investigation into her death was upgraded when preliminary autopsy results released by the Muscogee County Coroner revealed Taylor was strangled.

"All of the investigators have worked very hard and put in long hours in helping to clear the 10 out of the 12 and they're continuing to work to solve the two that are unsolved. We are soliciting the public's help in trying to bring closure to the victims as the year comes to the end," Captain Griswould said.

The number of murders this year is down from last year. In 2008, there were 30 homicides in the city.

Anyone with information on the murder of Victor Barnes or Lisa Taylor is asked to call the Robbery and Assault Investigations Division at 706-653-3400.