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Super Speeder

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - For those of you who think speed limits are just suggestions, think again, or pay up.

Georgia's new law is getting tough on high risk drivers. 

"This is to slow people down, cause a lot of people aren't slowing down, their not catching on to the normal fines," says Sgt Wendy Gilmore, Columbus Police.

The Super Speeder Law went into effect January 1st. 

If you're caught going over 75 mph on a two lane road or 85 mph on a highway you will shell out an extra $200.  That is in addition to the normal local fines. 

Seth Wade says he is a cautious driver, but doesn't always stick to the speed limit, "I guess literally one mile over is speeding, but the flow of traffic goes a long way with me."

Wade is like most drivers, he thinks it will depend on the enforcement of the law, whether Georgia sees a change in pace.  "I probably won't think about it till I feel the sting of it, till I get caught and pay, then I'll probably slow down."

On average, there's a speed-related death every day in Georgia.  Law enforcement hope this shocking statistic and the extra $200 you'll lose will slow drivers down.

"The faster you go, the more dangerous it is, cause its harder to stop," says Sgt. Gilmore.

The money from those branded Super Speeders will help fund Georgia's Trauma Care Hospital system.  For the first time, speeders will be paying for the hospital beds where crash victims are being treated.

For more information on the new law, click here.

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