Attorney attacked with a skateboard, teen arrested

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus attorney is recovering, after he says he was attacked by a teen with a skateboard.

The 15-year-old juvenile was arrested and has been released into the custody of his parents.

Defense Attorney Richard Hagler lives in the historic district downtown.  He tells WTVM that skateboarders have repeatedly come to Heritage Park for their "daily grind" even though it specifically says "no skateboarding."  And, Hagler says they have their own park just a few blocks away.  He was an avid proponent of the skate park that opened in April.

"I wanted to give the kids a place to go. Designed for them to use it safely, not to damage other people's property and to have it available for a viable sport and viable entertainment," says Hagler.

On Sunday, Hagler went across the street to remind the teens of the rule.

He says one of the them started cussing at him and before he knew it another swung his skateboard hitting Hagler in the temple. He fell to his knees, bleeding.

"To have somebody like this kind of unprovoked violence is just inexcusable," Hagler said.

A fellow skateboarder agrees.  He came to Hagler Monday with a tip.

Hagler told WTVM, "one of the persons that's already contacted me this morning is a skateboarder, who said he had heard what happened and is angry that men like this young man are giving skateboarders the image they have in this town."

Because the suspect is a minor, his name will not be release to the public. A hearing date for the teen will be set by juvenile court. 

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