Thieves clip ponies' tails for money

By Elizabeth White - bio | email | Twitter

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Chambers County investigators are searching for stolen pony tails worth several hundred dollars.

Wayne Vanmeter is a retired West Point police officer, so he's seen a lot.

But earlier this month when he saw the tails of his horses all but disappear he was surprised and upset. Vanmeter says the thefts started on December 21st. By the first of the year, all three of his horses had been trimmed, so he called police.

"January first we had a complain filed in Country Club Road about three horses that had four foot of their tails cut off, just above the inches below the stub on each horse," said Jon Herbert, at investigator with the Chambers County Sheriff's office.

Investigator Jon Herbert says a similar incident was reported a few months ago in Valley. He says horse hair can sell for several hundred dollars.

"A lot of places that do hair they buy horse hair and use it for wigs and weaves and so forth it's getting to be a big item," said Herbert.

While detectives search for the thief, Herbert is asking everyone who owns horses to keep a closer eye on their animals. Investigators are

also asking hair salon owners to give them a call if someone tries to sell them horse hair.

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