Keep the pups paws warm

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Imagine going to sleep tonight with nothing but hay to keep you warm.  That is the reality for the dogs at the Humane Society of Harris County.

"The need here in Harris County for homeless and neglected animals is huge," says Executive Director Kathryn Genova.

And the need is getting even bigger in this cold snap. The outdoor kennels are perfect in normal conditions, but there's nothing normal about tonight's weather forecast.

So, the Humane Society is putting out a plea for people to foster, "There are a couple of dogs its just not appropriate to be here.  We've got some short coated dogs that need to be in foster homes, just for a couple of days until the snap is over," explains Genova.

If you can't foster, there is a need for volunteers to check on the puppies throughout the day.

A small stream will keep the only shelter's only water source from freezing.  The dogs are also enjoying food with extra protein.

When the temperatures go back to normal the Humane Society can still use your help. They have several outreach programs that could use donations.

One is a pet food pantry that brings food to shut-ins.  Genova says this is especially important for the elderly, "who's animals mean so much to them for companionship, and they can't always get out and buy food."

They are also the home to a therapy dog program that brings the healing paw of an animal to those in need.

"Our mission is broad based, animal sheltering and adopting will always be our primary focus, but the needs go throughout the community," says Genova.

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