Harris County "No Snow" day off

By Laura Ann Sills - email

Hamilton, GA (WTVM) - Kids went to bed Thursday night with the hopes of waking up to a winter wonderland, or at least a day off from school.

Harris County parent and teacher, Melanie Reiney, tried not to get her kids too excited, "I tried not to get their hopes up last night.  They kept asking: are we going to have snow are we going to out of school?"

Her kids' dreams came true.  Harris County Schools were closed Friday for a "snow day."

"I felt excited, I looked outside and saw that the sleet stuck," says Blake Reiney.

Harris County High School Senior Hayden Edwards says a day without algebra and chemistry is always welcome, "it's still good we got out of school. I mean any day from school is ok with me, but it's more fun to have snow on a snow day."

The four Edwards kids created a ping pong competition to make the day pass more quickly.  But, memories from last March's snow were in everyone's mind.

"I was thinking there was going to be a little bit of snow, it was just cold and icy," says Kayde Koffman, Harris County student.  Edwards said, "I knew there was a chance of snow, so I was hoping it would, because of how much fun we had last year, but it was a little disappointing."

Parents saw it as a great opportunity to catch up.  Reiney was able to work around the house and buy groceries, "I am going to do the things that I don't do because I am too tired from work. I am going to run some errands."

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