74-year-old Columbus man victim of home invasion

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Lonnie Brown describes how two masked men broke into his Carver Heights apartment early Friday morning while he was asleep in bed. He says they came in through his kitchen window.

"They took the glass out and reached in and unlocked the door and came in this way," the 74-year-old explained.

He says his attackers stormed into his bedroom, demanding money and throwing blows. One was even carrying a club.

"I couldn't see anything. My head still hurts now. Two times they hit me and busted my lip," he said.

Brown has been the manager at the Lindsey Vista complex for more than 30 years and the fact that he fell prey to a crime like this shocks those who know him.

"It startled me because he's a very nice person and he doesn't bother anybody and he's real sweet. It's so upsetting. He looks out for everybody down here. He's a real good person," said his neighbor, Latrice Washington.

"It hurt me and it hurt the neighborhood. It's really bad that a person can't be in their own house and feel secure," added Brown's friend, Cathy Mathis.

The thieves got away with close to $800 cash and since Brown is the manager, they also took keys to all the other apartments.

"If it happened to him, it could happen to anybody down here. I don't want anything like this to happen to anyone else down here," Washington said.

Brown describes his attackers as two black males in their teens. He says he can't identify them because their faces were covered.

The complex is in the process of changing the locks on the doors.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Columbus Police at 706-653-3400.

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