Get a steal on an apartment

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's become a welcome like no other.  Imagine getting a flat screen television, new appliances, or up to six months free rent when you move into a new apartment!

Believe or not, this is exactly what's happening in some areas of the country as property managers work to fill up empty space.

"Nationwide, apartment vacancy rates are up substantially, as high as we've seen in the past 30 years or so, Columbus is a unique market and we haven't seen as much," says Greystone Properties Chief Financial Officer Ed Steelmon.

Despite Columbus being in a different situation, Steelmon says the community hasn't been immune to the recession and it's hit on residents.

That's why Greystone officials decided not to increase rent or renewals for current residents, at least through June.

"We know that a lot of the larger employers here have held the line on salary this year, we're cognizant of that and trying to help out," says Steelmon.

They even through in a few perks for pet owners too.

"During the month of December, we had a special that we were running where we waived the pet fee for anyone who adopted a pet at a local shelter here."

We spoke with officials at the Columbus Apartment Association and they say there are other incentives too.  However, it varies from company to company.

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