New tougher guidelines could be on the way for Columbus Airport

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Captain Peter Franklin with the US Military says he's annoyed by the already long lines at airport security checkpoints, something he's not looking forward to as he travels from coast to coast.

"I have to fly from Atlanta, to LA to Hawaii and back to New Jersey, take my boots off, my dog tags off. I have a military identification card and a security clearance; we should be whisked through," says Franklin.

And those procedures might get even tougher for Franklin. Columbus Airport Director, Mark Oropeza says the Transportation Security Administration or TSA writes the safety guidelines, the airports enforce the rules.

"It works great because we're both here at the same time. If a situation comes up all they have to do is push a button and if the officer is not right there, he can be there within seconds," added Oropeza.

While safety is top of mind for most, some travelers appear to be pretty confident in the safety regulations so far.

"I think I will be safe getting to my destination. The airport has put the protective resources in place so that we can arrive safely to where we're going," says Bernadette Phillips.

Jeff Rehorn says, "I watch people, I see TSA doing the same; I don't have any real fears."

As to a timeline when The Columbus Airport will hear from the TSA, Oropeza says he just doesn't know, in the meantime, he says, they're continuing with their safety measures to keep passengers as safe as possible.

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