PSC warns consumers to expect higher gas bills

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PSC warns consumers to expect higher natural gas bills due to cold weather

ATLANTA – Cold weather has arrived early in Georgia this year and with it comes higher natural gas bills.  December 2009 was 30% colder than last December which means consumers will be using more natural gas to heat their homes than last year. 

Those higher natural gas bills are already reaching mailboxes in Georgia. With cold weather predicted to continue, consumers should expect to pay higher energy costs this heating season.  Even though natural gas prices are significantly lower than last winter, the increased usage will equate to higher bills.

Conservation is the key to reducing energy usage in the home.  Set your thermostat on 68 degrees and weatherize your home to reduce the energy usage.  Pay particular attention to doors and windows to reduce cold air from entering your home. 

If bills become unmanageable, contact your Marketer or Energy Provider to request payment arrangements that your household can manage.  Do not wait until you are threatened with disconnection.  Disconnection of your natural gas service will lead to other significant fees to have your service restored.

For energy assistance, low income consumers can contact their local Community Action Agency for information regarding receiving a one time $350 grant to be used for paying their energy bills. For more information on energy assistance, call 1-800-869-1150 or 404-657-3426 inside metro Atlanta.

Consumers may contact the Commission for more information:

Georgia Public Service Commission
244 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta GA, 30334
Toll-free in Georgia (outside Metro Atlanta): (800) 282-5813
Metro Atlanta: (404) 656-4501
Fax :( 404) 656-2341

Source: Georgia Public Service Commission