Marion County residents without water

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BUENA VISTA, GA (WTVM) - The cold weather is taking a toll on some water pipes throughout the area.

Over the past four days we've had viewers e-mail in, telling us they were without water in Marion County, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

We discovered more than a thousand Marion County residents were without water over the weekend, and now the water department has restored the flow to almost every one of those homes.

Friday evening workers discovered a leak in one of the pipes at Bull Creek. After repairing the area, we're told water was restored to almost every resident within a few hours.

Marion County Water Superintendent Travis Welch told News Leader Nine, "Most of the time, if there's a leak, somebody will see it and they'll call us and we'll go and fix it. But on something like this, we're having to go on every road to every fire hydrant to bleed the air out of it so we don't have any airlocks so the water will get back to the customers. And that's just taking time."

Welch explains there is more than 3,000 miles of pipe throughout the county and once the water tank fills back up after a leak, it could take a few hours to flow to the homes.

The Marion County Water Department says water pressure may be weak at this point, but if you experience any more outages they urge residents to call them at (229)649-3490.

And for those residents who are wondering, your water bill will not have any charges for the days you experienced outages.

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