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Be There: The Honesty Policy

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It can be difficult for parents to take time out of their day to create a life lesson for their children, but sometimes you can just include your child in what you're doing everyday.

The mother in this week's story made a habit out of incorporating math lessons into her son's life, but while he was completing that task, he showed his mom he had learned an important life lesson in the process.

Delisa Taylor started teachable math moments with her son by using shopping receipts, "We go shopping and I want you to compare the original prices to the sale prices and tell me what we saved all together. So that's how we handle our receipts now."

"At first I thought it would be boring, but after a while it started getting fun. It helped me with my grades," said her son Xavier Taylor, an eighth grade student at Rothschild Middle School.

After some back-to-school shopping, Delisa handed her son the receipt and asked him to find out how much money they saved.            

Xavier told News Leader Nine, "I was working on it and I noticed the price was too low so then I looked and the jacket wasn't on it."

Delisa Taylor explained that's when her son came to her with the news, "In a couple of minutes he came back and said 'Mom, we got the jacket for free' and I said 'what?!' He told me we didn't pay for the jacket so I got the receipt and realized we didn't pay for it so I said 'Xavier, what would you do?' He hesitated and then said 'come on, we have to take it back. That's stealing'. So I was really proud."

As with most people, Xavier had to think twice before making his responsible decision, "At first I wanted to keep it, but the right thing to do is take it back, pay for it and not steal it."

So they both went back to the store and found the clerk who forgot to ring up the jacket.

"He found her. She was shocked and in the end she gave him a hug and said thank you for being so honest. I think she was really shocked," Taylor explained.

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