Columbus mail could soon go to Macon for processing

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The proposal sounds complex.

The United States Postal Service wants to send mail from Columbus to Macon to be processed and then bring it back to be delivered.

To Columbus residents like Libby Haslett, it doesn't make much sense.

"They need to leave it alone," Haslett said.

But to the USPS, it makes dollars --- and cents.

They stand to save around $975,000 every year if they move processing operations in Columbus to Macon.

The move won't impact delivery times and could help maintain postage rates, according to U.S. Postal Service representative Michael Miles.

"We don't receive tax payer dollars, we strictly operate on the sale of our products and services, so every opportunity we have to save money is an opportunity we have to keep from raising rates and passing it on to our customers," Miles said.

There will be a net decrease of eight jobs if the move is approved --- which raises one main concern.

"How many jobs are they going to make in Macon? You know, somebody loses their job here and they make it up in Macon, that doesn't sound fair either," Haslett said.

But officials with the postal service say while there will be changes, everyone's position within the company is safe.

"Nobody will lose their job as a result of this," Miles said.

The debate continues and it could take up to a year for the changes to be made --- but one thing will remain the same.

"Customers shouldn't see any difference in their service, or any difference in the operations at the post office at all," Miles said.

There will be a meeting at 6:15 on Wednesday, January 13th at the Columbus Public Library on Macon Road, where citizens can voice concerns and ask questions about the changes.

They can also send comments on the proposal to the U.S. Postal Service before January 28th.




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