Haunted Port Columbus ghost tours

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Port Columbus may be a new building in Columbus, but it holds artifacts from years past. Some even say the site is haunted. And now, museum coordinators have a plan to share their spooky stories with the public.

Ghost tours are just about to begin and News Leader Nine has an exclusive look at what the creepy attraction has to offer.

Port Columbus holds a great deal of historic items, and some would say the history followed the ships, in the form of spirits.

Port Columbus Director of Communications, Jon Ezzell said, "The story that started this all was some of the strange occurrences in the gift shop with books flying off the shelves. Effigy called and asked if they could do their own investigation and we were of course pleased to have confirmation from multiple sources."

Effigy Paranormal heard the stories, but they wanted to see the action for themselves. The group conducted an investigation and recorded infrared video. Effigy's founder, Judy LaChance told News Leader Nine, "Our tech thought he saw someone standing where it almost looks like two figures. If it is, I don't know, but it's definitely worth more investigation."

Ezzell added, "There's been some EVP's, or voices picked up on recorders, people felt like someone was following them around. We've had a variety of experiences."

After a three hour paranormal investigation, LaChance says the team came to a conclusion they rarely make, "I would say there is definite activity here. I don't say that very often, that there's paranormal activity. You go 100 places and there might be two that something strange might happen but this place has tangible, "recordable" data."

The public tours of haunted Port Columbus will start Thursday, January 28th. Museum directors are currently taking reservations and the tours will be held once a month.

If you'd like to find out how you can sign up for the haunted tours, you can visit Port Columbus's website at www.portcolumbus.org or call for details at (706)327-9798.

The group is also working on a plan to host overnight paranormal investigations for those interested.

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