Move Your Money

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "People are looking locally, versus just the big name institutions whether it be in banking or any other retail business," says Mark Littleton of TIC Federal Credit Union.

That's the exact premise of the new, grassroots campaign, called Move Your Money.

What started out as a simple, conversation and later gained traction at the website the Huffington Post has now grown into a national movement.

"How can they encourage those consumers that may have business with a bigger bank to consider community banks or credit union," Littleton says is the question the campaign focuses on.

A quick click onto the website, and consumers can get more information about small banks and credit unions in their community.

For example, we entered the zip code 31906 and the site pulled up Citizen's Trust Bank on Macon Road.

There's also the option to search for credit unions.  Littleton says now, more than ever, consumers are searching for a financial institution they can trust.

They hope in this case, smaller is better.

"So when you come into a credit union, our focus is gonna be on what is the best interest of that individual. That's a huge advantage for anyone that's looking for where should I have a checking account, where should I consider getting a new loan."

Besides the zip code function, which pulls small banks up based on just one set of ratings, there are additional options to search for information.

Check out the links for sites like or

which offer in depth ratings for banks and credit unions.

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