Columbus Airport gets much needed change

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In a press conference Thursday morning at the Columbus Metropolitan Airport, Chairman of the Airport Commission, Sherry Goodrum said, "We're here today to announce a lot of exciting things we have happening at the airport."

The first, is the official name change from The Columbus Metropolitan Airport to the Columbus Airport. The second, is a complete re-modeling of the interior.

Columbus Airport Director Mark Oropeza told News Leader 9, "It's basically just to get the airport out of the 70's and 80's and show the public we're here and put a fresh face on it with paint and logos."

The airport has also teamed up with the Columbus Visitors Bureau to create a travel center within the building.

"We're excited about having a visitor's center here because it will be a captive audience when they get off the plane or waiting to board. We'll have information at their fingertips where they can make plans while they're here," said Shelby Guest, the Vice-President of the Columbus Visitors Bureau.

The biggest chunk of change will be spent on the re-paving of the 7,000 foot main runway.

"Runways wear out after a while, believe it or not, due to cracks in the pavement. We have federal and state assistance on this so we have a $3.3 million project and it only costs the Columbus Airport $86,000," said Oropeza.

Columbus residents will not be paying any tax dollars for the redevelopment project, but they will reap all the benefits.

Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hughley added, "When you're doing something positive for your airport, you're doing something positive for economic development and that's what excites us about what's going on with the airport."

All these renovations have already started and will be complete by the end of the year.

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