Police: 2nd abduction & sexual assault was made up

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Since last Thursday, detectives in the Columbus Police Department have been handling the case of a 14-year -old girl who said she was abducted while she was waiting for her bus on Steam Mill Road and sexually assaulted by a man in the woods nearby.

But according to the Chief, during the course of the investigation, it became clear to officers the facts weren't adding up.

"They collected and documented a series of information that had been given as well as what was on the scene that could not have happened the way it happened as reported to us," said Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren.

Then, came the confession.

"Yesterday during an interview, the 14-year-old told us that the incident and the information she had reported to us on January 14th was in fact fabricated. She is saying that the incident did not take place and expressed some regrets as a result of conveying that information to us," the Chief said.

Friday, she was charged with the false report of a crime- a misdemeanor.

The Chief says neither the teen nor her parents could give a reason as to why she made the attack up.

But the Police Department is looking at the positive side of things. Since the incident was reported, neighborhood watches are springing up and safety is a top priority.

"Of course, we're very happy that we did not have an individual out there that had in fact attacked and molested a 14-year-old child. We see a neighborhood that's now closer together. I don't think we should drop our guard at any time when we're dealing with a child," Chief Boren added.

This is something local child psychologists and sexual assault experts say is very rare. The director of the local Sexual Assault Support Center referred WTVM to the FBI's stats that less than two percent of sexual assaults are fabricated.

The teen has been released back into the custody of her parents.

Her case will be referred to Juvenile Court.

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