Troup Co. authorities arrest man for drug possession

Press Release

TROUP COUNTY, GA - On Friday morning(1/22/10), at approximately 5:35 am., a Troup County Sheriff's Deputy received information of a homeowner at 638 Hudson Road in Troup County having possession of a large amount of marijuana at his residence.

Upon arrival, the deputy was invited inside. After entering the living room, he noticed a large plastic bag of marijuana lying on the floor beside a recliner. He also observed digital scales and other various drug paraphernalia in this same room.

The deputy, subsequently, gained a consent to search the residence from the owner. The search resulted in the discovery of a room prepared to grow and cultivate marijuana containing 5 large marijuana plants, growing lights, air purifiers and various other cultivation equipment.

Further inspection revealed another one- pound bag containing marijuana stored away inside a kitchen freezer, more scales and various other cultivation equipment.

At this point, Troup County Drug Unit agents were notified. The agents responded to the scene for further processing. During their search, it was discovered that the homeowner also owned the residence next door. Consent to search the other residence was granted.

Troup County Drug Unit agents determined from this search that this house was used strictly for the use of cultivating marijuana. Inside this "Grow House", they discovered 45 plants of marijuana, more growing lights, fertilizer and other cultivation equipment. It was also determined that the homeowner,

Francis Scott Allison, age 53 - of Lagrange, was in the process of renovating one of the unused rooms into a "Grow Room". A total of 50 marijuana plants were found, approximately 4 pounds of harvested marijuana, a large amount of cultivation equipment and multiple items of illegal drug paraphernalia were seized from the two residences. Arrest warrants for Allison have been issued. He currently faces charges of manufacturing marijuana and possession of marijuanawith intent to distribute.

Source: Troup County Sheriff's Office