Mud Bogging Causes Problems in North Columbus

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Over the last 24 hours, a concentrated effort by local law enforcement has taken hold in North Columbus.

Helicopters, mobile command stations and numerous vehicles are on the hunt. Muscogee County Major, Mike Massey, tells News Leader Nine, "we've received numerous complaints, land owners of

Muscogee County as well as southern natural gas in regards to a high pressure gas line that runs through Muscogee County. ATV traffic and large truck traffic have caused erosion to the point where it's leading to possible exposure and damage to the pipeline."

This issue is not just a safety precaution.

The mud bogging is cause economic turmoil for Southern Natural Gas Company as they have already spent more than $100,000 to prevent drivers from exposing the pipe line.

Officials want to educate and protect Columbus citizens of the dangers of mud bogging in North Columbus. They say trucks and ATVs have come too close to exposing the natural gas pipe line.

No arrests are being made at this time, officials are giving the drivers a warning there will be more serious consequences if violations occur.

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